Reworked Vintage for Fall: Part 1

Posted by Halima Garrett on

I had this Maggy London top that was part of one of my normal thrift hauls. I struggled with deciding whether I would sell it as it or rework it. I really loved the colors and simple floral print. Also the slight crop is totally up my alley. Once I decided this should be for me and part of my fall wardrobe I pinpointed the issue I saw. The sleeve length was too awkward for me. It should have either been full long sleeve or shorter like a cap sleeve if I was going to wear it. I decided to ditch the sleeve altogether and find a better alternative.

Finding the right sleeves didn’t take too long. I had a pair of overalls that I thought to use the legs as sleeves. Turned out I wasn’t thrilled with the shade of blue the denim was. It also crossed my mind to use denim jacket sleeves but I think it would have been too heavy for the dainty bodice. I kept looking for options until I found this jean top that I planned on dyeing. Clearly I never got to it and notice that this was the perfect shade of blue to bring out what was already in the floral print and light enough to match the fabric of the bodice.

I pinned everything but felt like there was an edginess missing. I took the belt from the jean shirt and used it as the collar. This gave it the flair it needed. I really like that it has the delicateness to be a top on its own but could also double as a light jacket.