Halima Garrett is the curator and designer for Threads of Habit. She is a New Jersey native who discovered the "thrill of the thrift" around the age of 9. In the late 1990s, her grandmother ran a donation based thrift shop in Brownsville Brooklyn. When Halima visited her grandmother she got first dibs on donations that were going to end up in the shop. She loved to sort through and keep a piece of clothing or two for herself. 

 In 2013 she moved to Bushwick Brooklyn after attending the University of Maryland. It was here that Halima began heavily thrifting for herself and in 2015 founded Threads of Habit as an outlet for her shopping "habit". She searches the tri-state area for bold, eccentric, and unique vintage pieces. Halima also designs one of a kind garments from sustainable materials such as vintage clothing and secondhand fabric.